Why Does Silver Fox Dog Few People Raise

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Silver fox as a very good-looking dog, now there are many people raising this breed of dog, but if you pay attention to the friends who keep dogs around, you will find that in fact, there are very few people who keep silver fox dogs, so why are silver fox dogs rarely kept? In fact, every pet dog has its own advantages and disadvantages. The reason why you don't keep it is probably because of these shortcomings. Let's learn about it.

1. Very fond of calling

Why does silver fox dog few people raise? In fact, many people don't like to keep silver fox dogs now. The big reason is that this kind of dog loves barking very much, which is undoubtedly a very troublesome problem. After all, if dogs love barking, it will undoubtedly affect the surrounding residents, and will also disturb the owner's normal sleep, especially in big cities. This should be avoided, otherwise it will cause more serious disturbance to the residents It is easy to cause complaints, so this is also the reason why many people don't like silver foxes.

2. How hard is it to take care of hair loss

In addition, although the hair of the silver fox dog is very beautiful, many people keep the silver fox dog because of its good-looking hair, but this thick hair actually has its problems, that is, the silver fox dog hair is more severe, as long as the season changes, often the degree of hair loss is more headache, and usually the silver fox dog hair care is more troublesome It takes a lot of thought, so people who are usually busy with their work will not choose to keep this kind of pet dog.

3. Very fond of sticking to people

Don't look at the silver fox dog is very elegant and noble. It feels like it doesn't like to be close to people. In fact, this kind of dog is very sticky. It can be said that where the owner goes, it will follow where he goes. Although sometimes this feeling is very good, it is undoubtedly very troublesome for some busy owners, because the silver fox dog is really one A follower, no matter what you are doing, will follow you, this feeling is still very headache, and go to the restroom will always be staring at you in the bathroom.

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