How to train a Japanese Akita Dogs?

Perhaps when you were training Japanese Akita dogs, you also had a headache about their urine and bowel problems, so how do we scientifically train Akita dogs to urinate and defecate in a reasonable place? When doing targeted training for this, We must take them to a reasonable place for excretion when they have the intention to excrete, and reward them for their urination and defecation in a timely manner.

Japanese Akita dogs

Japanese Akita Dog Training Tips

Appropriate Time

Akita's dogs have their own life patterns just like people. As the owner, at the beginning of training, you need to record the daily work and rest time of the Akita dog, and record it for several days to find the pattern: the Akita dog tends to wake up, eat and drink and then excrete. If the Akita suddenly turns in circles or sniffs the ground, it is very likely to excrete.

Suitable location

It is the right place to let the Akita dog go to the toilet where you want. The nature of the Akita dog is not to excrete where it eats or sleeps, so don't set the excretion area near the doghouse or food, and once it is determined, do not change it. After choosing the location (such as the toilet), spread the toilet with waste newspapers. If the Akita dog excretes in the newspaper, be sure to praise it immediately, and at the same time keep pointing to the newspaper to let the Akita dog smell it; then gradually narrow the scope, But no matter how small it is, make sure to leave the Akita dog urine stains in a certain newspaper.


As long as the Akita is excreted in the place you require, don't be stingy with your reward. A little snack and speech reward will greatly increase the success rate of training.


If the Akita dog is found to urinate and defecate anywhere, it must be stopped in time, and the Akita dog should be taken to the appropriate place mentioned above and told that this place is where it should be excreted. Akita's dogs are found urinating and defecating everywhere. You must not yell at Akita dogs in a hurry, and you must not use violence, otherwise some Akita dogs will even destroy their bodies and eat them to avoid being beaten. Akita dogs in estrus may sometimes urinate and urinate anywhere. Don't be anxious at this time. The training failed without the watch. Just correct it in time.


Generally speaking, we only need to repeatedly train the Akita dog several times to make the Akita dog develop good toilet habits. The puppies period is the best problem for training Akita dogs to toilet. If it is an adult Akita, It needs more patient guidance.

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