The Best Guidance For Standard Poodle Grooming Styles You’ve Ever Heard


The Poodle is a dog breed that comes in three varieties: Standard Poodle, Miniature Poodle, and Toy Poodle. The origin of the breed is still discussed, with a prominent dispute over whether the poodle descends from Germany as a type of water dog, or from the French Barbet.

Ranked second most intelligent dog breed just behind the Border Collie,the poodle is skillful in many dog sports and activities, including agility, obedience, tracking, herding, circus performance, and assistance dogs. Poodles have taken top honors in many conformation shows, including “Best in Show” at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in 1991, 2002, and 2020 and at the World Dog Show in 2007 and 2010. They are recorded as the seventh most popular dog breed in the United States.

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What should be paid attention to in the beauty care of poodle

Step 1: prepare tools

Including: comb (comb, comb, handle comb), scissors, towel, scissors, decorative flowers, nail scissors

[combing] it can comb through the dog’s hair root to avoid knots;

[needle comb] is used to comb the whole hair on the surface to make the hair fluffy and clear-cut;

[scissors] it is used to trim the curved shape of the body, such as the head, legs, buttocks and tail ball of the poodle. It’s better to choose two sides, for example, there are two supports at the end of the picture, so that both positive and negative arcs can be trimmed. In addition, the arc lines of the two blades should fit closely and the angle should be round;

[electric scissors] it is used to shave large areas of hair. Generally, it is OK to directly plug in the power supply. In this way, the power of pruning is stronger;

[nail clippers] General pet nail clippers can be used.

prepare tools

Step 2: take a bath

First give the dog a beauty bath, remove the hair on the body of dirty things, this is conducive to the effect of beauty.

Poodle take a bath

Step 3: comb the coat

When combing the fur, the tool we usually choose is the needle comb. As we have just introduced, the needle comb can make the dog’s fur more fluffy and look softer, clearer and cleaner after carding.

1. Put the dog on the table to facilitate carding. First, comb the dog from the center of his back to the two sides of his abdomen;

2. After combing the hair on the back, brush the abdomen, the inside and outside of the front foot in turn;

3. Comb the hair on the head;

4. Finally, comb the tail.

5. Observe the overall effect of combing, if the effect is not good, you can comb again.

Poodle comb the coat

Step 4: shaving

1. Shaving, with electric scissors, convenient and fast. First of all, shave the dog’s mouth excess hair, but it should be noted that when shaving the dog’s mouth hair, it is best to hold the dog’s mouth with hands, and then slightly lift the dog’s head, shaving from the eyebrow tip to the nose tip, eye corner, neck, cheek, ear root, chin direction;

2. Secondly, the dog’s back, body and abdomen hair should be shaved short;

3. Then, when shaving the dog’s four feet, pay attention to shaving only the root of the foot pad, and when shaving, separate the sole of the foot and carefully shave off the miscellaneous hair in the middle;

4. Finally, the part from tail root to anus was shaved 2-3cm with V-shaped scissors.

Poodle shaving

Step 5: cleaning

Since the dog has only shaved his hair, he should also wash his body with water, dilute it with special pet bath liquid and water, squeeze the anal gland gently with fingers to clean the anal gland; then clean the whole body, and pay attention not to let the cleaning fluid flow into the dog’s eyes and ears; after cleaning, wipe the dog’s body with a prepared dry towel Fur.

Poodle cleaning

Step 6: blow dry

1. First, wipe the dog half dry with a towel;

2. Then dry it with a water blower. When blowing, use a brush while blowing until the hair root is completely dried;

3. After blowing the hair will be generally messy, at this time you need the master to patiently comb the whole body hair according to the initial combing steps again.

Poodle blow dry

Step 7: shearing and repairing

Shearing is the most difficult part in the whole process. Let’s take a look at the detailed trimming steps

Poodle shearing and repairing

1. Tail trim

Tail pruning can be done with electric scissors. Hold the dog’s tail with one hand and tilt the scissors with the other hand. Trim the tail along the tail against the hair to the root, and cut it to the joint of the tail root and the body. Trim one side, then trim the other side in the same way. Lift the dog’s tail and shave off the hair around the anus. Finally, shave it into a “V” shape.

Poodle Tail trim

2. Trim the back

Press the dog with one hand, hold the scissors parallel to the dog’s back, and then trim from the buttocks to the back to form a section of the topline, and then extend from the back to the shoulder. During the trimming process, the hair on both sides should be based on the topline and be radially trimmed. If the first trimming is irregular, it can be made up by multiple pruning.

Poodle Trim the back

3. Trim the hind legs

Trim down the back line and ply line, and pay attention to trim the miscellaneous hairs between the legs neatly, otherwise it will affect the overall aesthetics. A proper bending should be maintained for the setback, so a 45 ° turning shape should be trimmed at the hock. Trim and comb with a comb to achieve a smooth state.

Poodle Trim the hind legs

4. Trim the forelimb

Similar to the method of trimming the hind limbs, trim along the back line to the shoulder position, and then transition to the forelimb. Trim the forelimb into a cylindrical shape. Pay attention to the hair on the inside of the forelimb and connect with the hair on the lower abdomen naturally. If the distance between the two forelimbs is not normal, it can be made up by pruning.

Poodle Trim the forelimb

5. Trim the front chest

First, find the highest point of the dog’s sternum, and then trim it radially along the highest point. Yes, the front chest is round, so as to reflect the noble temperament of the poodle. Leave a little less hair on the front chest to avoid making the whole body look very long, and the hair on the neck should naturally connect with the hair on the chest.

6. Headdress trim

The head ornament should be round trimmed, full and three-dimensional, and naturally connected with the body. Cut the straight scissors obliquely above the eyes, and cut the length of the hair far away from the head and close to the short hair on the side of the head. Use a comb to pick up all the hair on the head, and then trim it round after cutting the front. Cut out a dividing line at the junction between the ear and the headdress, and then use the three knife cutting method to trim the circle. The method of five knife scissors was adopted.

7. Tail trim

First, the hair on the end of the tail is subtracted, and then a circular trim is made. The size of the tail ball is determined according to the length and amount of hair of the tail.

After trimming the hair of each part of the body, comb the hair of the whole body with a comb. If there is any improper place, you can trim it. Finally, when the desired effect is achieved, the dog is ready to wear the decorations before it is finished.

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