RottweilerRottweiler, also known as Rottweiler, is a kind of Rottweiler. It is native to Germany and belongs to the working dog group according to AKC classification. Historically, the dog has been used to help people drag things, fight, guard and other work, belonging to a large multi-purpose working dog. During the first World War, the dog was widely used as a military dog in the battlefield, and was gradually trained as a police dog in the mid-20th century. At present, the dog is one of the most popular police dogs and military dogs in the world. After training, it can become an excellent family guard dog.

Rottweiler Dog Breed Pictures

Breed Characteristics:

The ideal height of adult male is 63-69cm, and the weight is 45-55kg; the ideal height of adult female is 58-63cm, and the weight is 40-50kg. Body length is slightly longer than height, and the ideal ratio of body height to body length is 9:10.

Physical features

  • Head: medium length, wide head cover, short and thick muzzle, forehead quite raised, two forehead very expanded, wrinkled head dogs also have. The head is of medium length and wide between the ears; the forehead is moderately arched; the cheekbones are arched and the stop is clear; the upper and lower jaws are very powerful. The forehead is dry, but when he is alert, there are some wrinkles. The expression is noble, alert and confident.
  • Ears: the ears are of medium size, high in root, lying flat. Drooping, triangular; when the ear listens attentively, it is in the same plane as the top of the head, which widens the appearance of the head. The distance between the ears is relatively open, drooping, with the inner edge of the ears close to the head and the end close to the middle of the cheek.
  • Eye: Almond eye, medium size, bronze color.
  • Nose: nose is very developed, must be black.
  • Trunk: square physique, strong and powerful, broad chest, straight back and inclined waist.
  • Coat: the coat is short, straight, thick and capillary. The color of the coat is black, plus yellowish brown or reddish brown spots on specific parts, which are no more than one tenth of the whole body. The lower hair is black, gray and light brown, but it is not good when seen from the outside. Curly hair is considered unqualified
  • Limbs: the forelimbs are straight, muscular, and the hind limbs are bent at an acute angle.
  • Foot: firm footstep, round forefoot, slightly slender hindfoot, hard flesh toe, short and black claw, protruding toe, black pencil mark in front of toenail. Hind paws must be removed.
  • Tail: the root of the tail is high and horizontal, and the tail is usually broken at the first joint.
  • Height: male: 63-69 cm, female: 58-63 cm.
  • Gait: moving fast, action must be balanced, coordinated, confident and full of strength. The forelimb has good extensibility, the hind limbs are powerful, the front and rear limbs are neither varus nor abduction, the hind limbs and the forelimb move forward in a straight line, when the walking speed is accelerated, the landing points of the limbs tend to the center line of the body.

More About This Breed

The Rottweiler has a strong physique and well-developed limbs. When he was a child, he was very popular. When he was an adult, he felt ferocious and would be deterred by strangers. Because of his intelligence, he was used as a working dog in the early days, and now many families raise him as a companion dog and guard dog.

1. Personality

Rottweiler has a stable personality, stable nerve type and strong emotion. He was born with guard ability and can also be a family companion dog.

2. Hair

It's very easy to arrange the coat of the Rottweiler dog. In order to make the coat look smooth and beautiful, the breeder must often comb it.

3. Cultured

Thoroughbred Rottweiler doesn't bark easily and doesn't have to worry about disturbing neighbors.

4. Strong immunity

Rottweiler disease resistance is first-class, absolutely is the pet hospital "rare guest". Even if he is ill, his tenacious belief and strong attachment to his owner often make him a laughing dog in a pet hospital.

5. Less exercise

Rottweiler does a lot less exercise than other dogs. This means that small apartments can also keep it.

6. Not picky about food

Rottweiler is not a picky dog.

7. The safety factor is high

Generally, Rottweiler is more kind. Even if the stranger does something, it just takes some warning guard action. However, once launched an attack, it will never be merciful.

8. The only drawback

Rottweiler attachment to the host is too strong, a little sticky. They are eager to stay by their master's side all the time, guarding the comfort and peace, for fear that their most precious master will have any situation outside.

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