K&H Self-Warming dog bed review

K&H Self-Warming dog bed review

The K&H Self warming dog bed crate pads provide a comfortable surface for your pets to rest upon the crate and the feature of this pad is that it has a spongy microfleece exterior and the bottom is added with the small bumps for providing the grip and to protect the pad from sliding. It also has some special features like the exceptional corners that give you the chance to fold up and in shape it in your pets crate comfortably and the pad effort to insulating your pet’s body warmth and your dog feel in comfortable temperature.  The K&H self warming dog bed is also simple to wash and you can be basically put this on your pet and they will feel so comfort and warmth by this crate pad.

K&H Self warming dog bed crate pad features

  • High sidewalls is provided with the crate pads that provides the security
  • The crate pad has a pillow style cushion sleeping surface
  • The self warming dog crate pad is easy to clean, wash and care

The key features of the K&H self warming dog crate pad is that it radiates the warm to your pet soft microfleece top for placate non slip base for the stability of easy care and wash.


  • The K&H self warming crate pad keeps your pet dog warm all winter long.
  • These beds comes in variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate dogs of the different sizes and with the different sleeping styles so choose the suitable self warming crate pad for your dogs
  • When your dog has a fur layer then it will be difficult for him to sleep hard on the ground but when it sleeps on this crate pad it feels comfort and warm.
  • The main purpose of this crate pad is that it keeps your dog warm even in the cold temperature.


  • The heated dog beds are expensive than the traditional crate pads and the pillow style mats


The K&H self warming lounge sleeper keeps any indoor place of the pet cozy and warm and the metal insulation inside the crate bed pillow reflects a cat’s or dog’s own body heat. This bed is the suitable one for any pet and they love this bed for its comfort and wellness. The outside of the crate pads are made up of poly or cotton blend and while sleeping this area is covered in a soft microfleece moreover the bed’s pillow contains a soft, providing the extreme comfortable polyfil because it is made from the recycled bottles.

The sidewalls of the crate pads provides a cushioned feel that is perfect one for cats or dogs that likes to snuggle. The K&H self warming lounge sleeper comes in the several color and size options where the large sized crate pads with the checkered patterns also includes the removable liner that makes the washing as easy task.

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