Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever,Native to Scotland, the ancestors have the blood of Setters. Because of their strong swimming ability and the ability to retrieve prey from the water to their owners, they were originally used for hunting and touring waterfowls shot down by guns. The AKC classification belongs to sports Canine group.

Alias: Golden Retriever, Golden Retriever, Golden Retriever       Realm: Animal Realm
Men: chordates              Subphylum: vertebrates
Class: Breastfeeding     Subclass: breastfeeding
Family: dogs                   Dog breed IQ: Ranked 4th
Golden retriever price: $500-$2,000

Golden Retriever morphological characteristics

Golden Retriever ranks fourth in the dog’s IQ. Because the Golden Retriever has a pair of gentle eyes, a smiling face, an angel-like perfect character, and a golden coat covering the glory of heaven, it is currently mostly used as a family dog and guide dog. The American Kennel Club (AKC) standard stipulates that its fur is "rich, lustrous golden of various shades" and does not allow too light or dark colors.

The main molting period of golden retrievers is twice a year. However, because they have more hair than small dogs, they are often mistaken for shed hair. Both large and small dogs will shed hair. The usual hair loss is only The daily metabolism is only, as long as you comb it frequently, you can reduce this trouble

The Golden Retriever is a well-known, powerful and lively dog breed. Its scientific name is the Golden Retriever. It is stable and well coordinated with all parts of the body. The legs are neither too long nor clumsy. The expression is friendly, and the personality is enthusiastic, alert, and confident. Because it is a kind of hunting dog, it can show its essential characteristics in a difficult working environment. His overall appearance, balance, gait, and the purpose of the dog breed deserve more attention than any single part of the body.

personality characteristics

In many families, people’s general understanding of the golden retriever is that the golden retriever is lively, coquettish, loyal, and honest. We can see him when we play. He is friendly to anyone and can become a human being. Good friend, because of his good temper and clever head, many Golden Retrievers have been trained as guide dogs to make contributions to mankind.

Pet Care

Golden Retriever feels simple and cute, clever and well-behaved, and obedient. It was cultivated as a hunting dog for hunting and hunting birds in the early days. It has excellent swimming endurance. Now they are mostly used as guide dogs and pet dogs. Very friendly to elementary school students or children, the unique feature of Golden Retriever is that it is friendly and pleasing to people.

Golden Retriever care

1. Take the Golden Retriever dog for vaccination regularly. In addition, chip implantation and disease treatment are all things that must be bothered in the golden retriever's growth process.
2. As the golden retriever puppies have not yet learned to excrete at a fixed point, they excrete more often. Therefore, the owner may have to patiently hold the newspaper all day, and wait behind the golden retriever's ass to receive the dog's poop and urine. At the same time, as soon as Little Golden Retriever has any movement, he will immediately hold it to the designated place and start learning fixed-point excretion.
3. The feeder bothers to comb the thick back hair of the golden retriever. Not only does it need to be groomed every day, but also, when the dog eats, he needs to be careful not to get his mouth dirty and avoid being soiled by food. In addition, the cleanliness of the environment must not be neglected; you must know that the little golden retriever will roll on the ground and make himself dirty.
4. Think about whether you are willing to make your dog happy for a lifetime, and whether you are willing to continue to piss and pee for the dog, wash the quilt, and spend more than ten years with it.
5. The life span of a golden retriever dog is generally 10 to 15 years, which is very short. Therefore, to adopt a Golden Retriever dog, the owner has to bear the responsibility for more than ten years.
6. Golden Retrievers, like children, have parasites in their stomachs. They should be dewormed in and out of the Golden Retriever regularly when they are young.
7. Some Golden Retriever dogs have hip dysplasia caused by genetic factors or acquired factors. When taking care of Golden Retriever dogs in life, the owner should be very careful.

Feeding points

The best food for golden retrievers is dog food. It is very difficult for home-made food to achieve a reasonable nutritional ratio. Dog food is processed according to such a nutritional ratio and is the best food for dogs. In addition, if you eat homemade food for your pet, be careful to put a very small amount of salt to cook and eat. Excessive salt and raw food will harm your dog's health. If you can't give it dog food and eat homemade food, you should pay attention to the combination to ensure a balanced nutrition. Animal offal (note: do not feed pig liver for a long time, it will be poisoned), meat, corn meal, fish (note: the hard spines of fish may get stuck, it is best to pick), carrots, etc., can be dog food, It is fed after cooking with almost no salt. In addition, you need to mix a little warm water when feeding puppies and dog food.

what do you like eating

1. Golden Retriever likes to eat fruits, because fruits are sweet, crisp and juicy, such as apples, pears, cherries, watermelons, peaches can be given to Golden Retrievers, or bananas, but you have to consider the Golden Retriever’s stomach and intestines. Don't take it.
2. As a staple food for dogs, Golden Retriever likes to eat. Sometimes you can add other things to it, such as meat, vegetables, chicken liver, etc. These golden retrievers also like to eat.

What not to eat

1. The golden retriever always likes to eat the food that the owner eats, but the food that people eat is not suitable for the golden retriever, such as bread, the golden retriever cannot eat it, because the salt content is too high. If the golden retriever eats too much salt, the golden retriever will be beautiful The golden retriever is about to fall.
2. Condiments such as onions and garlic should not be given to Golden Retriever. These foods are strongly toxic to Golden Retriever's blood. If consumed too much, it can cause acute anemia and even endanger life.
3. Spicy seasonings are pungent and strong-smelling foods are believed to be unwilling to eat golden retrievers with sensitive smell. Foods with too much mustard and chili can cause the mouth and gastrointestinal ulcers of the golden retriever, so they should never be fed.
4. Chicken and duck bones cannot be fed to Golden Retriever. These bones are thin, sharp, hard and difficult to digest. They will scratch the golden retriever's stomach and cause blood in the stool.
5. Do not feed milk to the golden retriever. Milk is not easy to digest and will cause golden retriever diarrhea.
6. The most popular fruit that Golden Retriever cannot eat is grapes. Grapes can cause Golden Retriever kidney failure and even death. The cores of fruits such as apples and pears are also poisonous.

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