What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of the Bull Terrier



Nothing is 100 percent perfect, in the beautiful lovely, gentle and kind of animals, there are also hidden flaws. With the development of the society, the bull terrier has gradually been familiar with, accepted and loved by people. More and more gentlemen fell in love with this special, slightly strange looking dog. The bull terrier also has its advantages, but it also has its disadvantages.

Any parent who has ever owned a bull terrier will have the same feeling. Bull terriers are strong, cute and have special advantages. They look silly and have a tendency to be silly, but they are actually very kind and obedient. The main thing is that Bull Terriers are very friendly to children. They will lie down quietly next to children and are very tolerant of children. Strictly speaking, a bull terrier can be a very loyal home guard dog.

Of course, the bull terrier has its drawbacks. To put it simply, the Bull Terrier is an animal, even though it is a nice and sensible pet. The animal nature of the Bull Terrier will not change. To put it simply, Bull Terriers are also very territorial, and every Bull Terrier wants to be the leader of a territory. So, even if you keep it in captivity, it doesn't change those specializations. Because of these natural tendencies, Bull Terriers can do things that you can't stand.

A normal, healthy bull terrier likes to pee everywhere, which is normal from a dog's point of view, as they try to mark their territory, but not acceptable from a human's point of view. The normally friendly bull terrier can also become nervous and sensitive when someone or other animals intrude on its territory or provoke it, and will fight the invading "enemy" to defend itself and its territory. Of course, the result can be imagined, if the dogs can not be separated in time, stop fighting, then the consequences may be "blood" and "a mess".

In the process of raising a bull terrier, parents should treat them with understanding and tolerance. Of course, necessary training, training and guidance are also needed to make the pet dog live in harmony with the family. It is important that the Bull Terrier be completely loyal to you and develop a good lifestyle and attitude.

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